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Thursday, June 3, 2004

the gross list of challenges

i’m skipping the controversy, and even the “expert opinions” that come with the baggage of the copenhagen consensus. that’ll be hashed out elsewhere in much better form than i can offer here in my dark little corner of the net.

what’s interesting to me is the gross list of challenges…

1 digital divide
2 financial instability
3 lack of intellectual property rights
4 money laundering
5 subsidies and trade barriers
6 transport and infrastructure

7 air pollution
8 chemical pollution and hazardous waste
9 climate change
10 deforestation
11 depletion of the ozone layer
12 depletion of water resources
13 lack of energy
14 land degradation
15 loss of biodiversity
16 vulnerability to natural disasters

17 arms proliferation
18 conflicts
19 corruption
20 lack of education
21 terrorism

health and population
22 drugs
23 hiv/aids
24 human settlements
25 lack of people in working age
26 malaria
27 living conditions of children
28 living conditions of women
29 non-communicable diseases
30 undernutrition / hunger
31 unsafe water and lack of sanitation
32 vaccine preventable diseases

that’s 32 challenges that face humanty… which ones would you prioritize? did they miss any?

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