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Friday, July 16, 2004

chipping kids

just before i ran away at the beginning of the week, this story broke, and it’s gotten some serious legs [slashdot] since then. it seems that most of the news is about the japanese school kids [the register] that are getting chipped. it made and (of course), joi got in on it too.

joi, of course, is polishing his tin foil hat, but he has little to fear, since he’s already one of the most closely monitored humans on the face of the planet….

the lesser-reported, but still widely available chipping story this week is about the mexican attorney general and several of his staff. this, also picked up on slashdot.

based solely on a meta-analysis of the slashdot coverage, chipping kids is worth 492 comments, while chipping attorneys general is only worth 284. that makes sense to me.

a lot of the comment-content seems to be that this is a big development, but i think it’s not such a big development. we saw news about chipping princes almost a year ago, and chipping school kids in america back in october.

it’s not quite the same, but worth throwing into the mix, since this seems to be “chipping week” (in contrast to “drm week”)… we’ll tag the old people too.

i’m not completely opposed to rfid – in fact, i rather like the idea of doing it backwards.

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