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Sunday, July 4, 2004

mind drm

just because we need to continue to emphasize the futility of the drm thing…. i saw this:

The funny thing is that I wrote the piece in question in all of 7 minutes in my head on the train. I got to the office and punched it out pretty quickly.

obviously barry created a derivative work of something he had in his mind, and i don’t think he got it properly licensed.

so, we need to get to work on a series of mind-drm technologies. obviously the first places to start are the input side of the mind – surgically implanted electronically-controlled blinders and ear plugs (and eventually, of course, the rest of the senses). if you haven’t purchased a license to see and/or hear something, you won’t.

after that, we need to work on restricting output to keep barry from making the same mistake.

posted by roj at 11:06 am  
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