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Thursday, July 22, 2004

u2 is on the p2p networks

it appears that the lost pre-release cd from u2 is live on the p2p networks.

a statement from the band is pretty grim about the whole thing, but there’s always the outside chance that this is an aphex twin promotion. doesn’t seem likely.

i haven’t heard the tracks myself.

on the other hand, the spin so far has been interesting…

U2 Album Goes Missing … Turns Up on P2P Networks [digital lifestyles, july 19, 2004]

Having tracks available, even in unfinished form, so far in advance of the album’s release is likely to tempt many fans who would not normally lift music from P2P networks. However, even though many people will undoubtedly download the tracks using file sharing programs, it is unlikely that this alone will result in lost sales.

If the disk finds its way to a CD pressing plant, then they’ll have a problem.

Want the New U2 Album Early?
[slyck, july 20, 2004]

Apparently, the band is so concerned about this (providing this is not a clever publicity stunt) that the French police have been called in to investigate the physical theft.

U2 Vertigo theft [p2pnet, july 20, 2004]

File sharers don’t need idiots literally stealing music and posting it on the p2p nets.

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