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Saturday, August 21, 2004

glotell for meth fiends

in other drug news (not to be confused with inhaling alcohol), we have news about lesser methamphetamine through chemistry.

researchers at southern illinois university, carbondale cooked up some kid-safe, environment-safe and crop-safe stain to add to anhydrous ammonia as a theft-deterrent.

grainnet (of course there is) has the story of glotell, which you add to your anhydrous ammonia. and will be available starting september 1.

basically, anyone coming into contact with this stuff ends up flourescent pink for 24 to 72 hours. it also, apparently, makes your crystal meth pink, which is, presumably, not a desirable color to the average meth fiend. there are other advantages – it will show you where there are leaks in your tanks and such – but it’s mostly about making the agricultural chemical less interesting to illicit lab operations.

back in june there was some noise about some other anhydrous ammonia magic from iowa state university researchers, but that’s not this.

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