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Monday, August 9, 2004

new comment license

i’ve put up a new commercial applications license, effective today.

just a minor upgrade, but i’ve decided that the definition of “blogspam” should be expanded to include people that provide false information, including those using my resources to make it appear as though someone else had posted something.

anyone following the blogspam saga knows that my email address has been spread around guestbooks as a result of my efforts, so i wanted to close that loophole in this space. if you can’t be polite and you can’t be honest about the source of the comments, you can take your comments elsewhere.

unlike some places, dissent is welcome here – even encouraged. but you don’t get to [ab]use my time and resources and hide behind someone else’s name.

the license itself, and any variation of it, are, of course, free to use and modify as defined in the attached creative commons license. in fact, i may have an interesting story about someone who has done just that, only they didn’t quite follow the spirit of the license.

posted by roj at 10:23 pm