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Friday, August 27, 2004

selling a vote is illegal, but selling a policy is not

i’ve been waiting for a hook to hang this on, and it had to come from ebay… of course. what else could it possibly be?

it all depends on how far up the food chain your vote is – selling votes at the bottom of the pyramid is illegal. selling votes at the top is just business as usual.

“Simply tell me who to vote for, after paying the auction, and it will be so,” his listing said. “If you care, buy my vote and you will have twice the power in the upcoming election!!!!”

Pengov said he didn’t know that selling a vote was illegal.

The fraud unit of the California secretary of state’s office, which has been alerted to votes for sale on eBay in previous elections, came across the posting and notified Ohio authorities.

offer a presidential vote for $50 and the authorities come knocking. how much do senate votes go for these days? i don’t understand. if it’s good enough for politicians, then why isn’t it for the rest of us?

i need to quit blogging and do some real writing about saving democracy from ourselves.

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