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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

et write home

yesterday, maciej posted his audioblogging manifesto, and it’s gotten some pretty good traction around the echo chamber of the blogosphere.

i, on the other hand, have to be different. i’m not going to mash it or quote it or transcribe it. no, i’m going to get all scientific on you instead.

Writing, rather than phoning, is probably the best way to contact extraterrestrials, American scientists said on Wednesday.

(more from national geographic here).

of course, professor rose is talking about an entirely different issue [with free comic!]. it vaguely reminds me of a consulting gig long ago where i recommended fedex and backup tapes over a terribly expensive data link option, and the “netflix moves more data every day than the whole internet” story. anyway, back to the original point:

audioblogging for aliens is silly.

and it’s all scientifical and stuff.

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