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Friday, October 1, 2004

sunncomm’s story

sunncomm has been a recurring theme around here, but sometimes it takes a little more in the way of resources to dig into the story deep enough to find elvis.

for that, we can thank the register.

Is SunnComm a sham or the next, big DRM success?, the register, september 27, 2004

the firm’s experience revolves around a troubled oil and gas business, an Elvis and Madonna impersonator operation and even a Christmas tree farm.

and you thought the shift key hack was interesting….

After significant effort on our part, The Register eventually managed to secure Jacobs on the horn – about a week after the first call. The fact that he even took the call was impressive given our punishing treatment of the Shift key debacle.

“Everyone told me not to talk to you,” Jacobs began. “They’re afraid you’ll do a real hatchet job.”

This wasn’t the most pleasant way to begin a grueling, accusatory interview, but Jacobs’ unease made sense for the obvious reasons. He was well aware of the skewering SunnComm was taking on the investor message boards and beyond that knew that The Register tends to dismiss DRM technology as a type of pointless CD cancer that will stop people from enjoying the free exchange of culture they’ve come to expect.

after seeing this “in print,” my hat’s off to jacobs, even if i continue to trash drm periodically…

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