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Friday, October 1, 2004

who’s your i-jockey?

when rss meets the ipod… you get an i-jockey? adam curry gives himself a promotion from vj to ij with a little help from applescript, perl and python.

picking up a long-idle thread here on the value of musigeeks, we have a new approach to the filtering problem for the vast expanse of music that is now available in that little box plugged into your ears.

On-demand audio coming to iPod, extreme ipod, september 13, 2004

In what may prove to be the next big thing for the iPod, weblogger Adam Curry has released the source code to an application which allows users to automatically download MP3 audio files from weblogs and other web sites to their iPod.

it’s such a good idea, the ubergeeks at slashdot even picked up on it.

so this does solve the breadth problem – even clearchannel can’t shove an approved playlist down every rss feed – and it leaves open some level of personal discovery (you do get to find your personal list of i-jockeys). and, assuming you pick good ones, the filtering problem is solved. sorta.

much potential in this indeed.

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