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Monday, December 6, 2004

gullwing doors for modesty

from the “you can’t be serious” department here at the rojisan empire, comes the ycc (your concept car) news item from

Chickmobile Concept Car [, december 2, 2004]

For those with short skirts, there are gull-wing doors to help preserve modesty.

my first thought was… huh?

my second thought was… i bet a bunch of women designers got together and decided that they wanted cool doors on their concept car, and when someone asked about it, they came up with some bogus story about short skirts as an explanation/inside joke. i mean, it’s not like volvo management is going to try wearing short skirts and see how it works with the gullwing doors (or will they? i mean, they are swedish, right?)… anyway. i think

then, i considered the source… so i decided to see if there was an alternative explanation available…

“We chose a gull-wing door with a modest wingspan to help us showcase the YCC’s interior solutions,” says Elna Holmberg, Technical Project Manager. “And it brought other advantages – it makes it easy to lift a bag in behind the driver’s seat and it increases your visibility over your shoulder to the side because the B-pillar has been moved towards the rear. And when the door opens upwards, the dropdown door sill rotates simultaneously, so getting in and out is so much easier.”

yeah, ok. so is full of crap. no surprise there.

i still think the designers wanted cool doors.

more on the ycc from volvo is available here.

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