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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

carnivore / dcs 1000 retired?

carnivore is dead.

The monitoring system developed to intercept the e-mail and other online activities of suspected criminals was not used in fiscal years 2003 and 2002, according to the reports obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center under the Freedom of Information Act.

long live carnivore!

According to the reports, the FBI used commercially available software to conduct court-ordered Internet surveillance in criminal investigations 13 times during that time period.

epic is the group on this story, with plenty of resources. [january 14, 2005]

The reports suggest that the FBI’s need for Carnivore-like Internet surveillance tools is decreasing, likely because ISPs are providing Internet traffic information directly to the government.

this probably means the government has a huge penis, huge breasts and the lowest rate available.

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