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Saturday, February 26, 2005

darryl hunt project for freedom and justice

the news item that got my attention came through in november… but it seems to fit well with the exonerated, so let’s do a double-whammy today.

Exonerated N.C. Man Starts Foundation [ap news via abc news, november 7, 2004]

Hunt was convicted in the 1984 slaying of Deborah Sykes, a newspaper copy editor in Winston-Salem. DNA evidence proved in 1994 that Hunt was not the man who had raped Sykes, but he was released only this year, after the evidence led authorities to a new suspect they say acted alone in killing Sykes.

bad enough that you have to prove you’re innocent in this modern america, worse still that proving you’re innocent isn’t even good enough until there’s a new suspect.

even with that, there is a positive development – the formation of the darryl hunt project for freedom and justice, chartered to help other innocent people escape the prison economy.

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