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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

funding the brainz

i’ve been off-and-on with robert for i guess years now, and tonight i got an important message… musicbrainz is looking for some bootstrapping money. This, of course, means that I need to direct your attention there, which is here.

so, please step up. i’ve done the quick homework for you, both the irs and guidestar have the metabrainz foundation, inc. listed as a charity (with not much data, considering it’s a new entity), so i’ll go ahead and vouch for robert and his work.

right now, it looks like musicbrainz is tracking some 250,000 albums from just a bit more than 150,000 artists (and that ratio says a lot). if you’re not familiar with what musicbrainz does, a quick visit here will get you clued-in.

i’m going to say that robert kaye is good people. he’s assembled a bunch of good people (including this one and this one) to keep this project doing good things. and, finally, this is important for the future of music, particularly for the independent, small-scale musician i love so much.

[ listening to songbomb ]

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