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Friday, April 1, 2005

mark cuban weighs in on attention market shares

over here, mark ask for some help…

I think the RIAA logic holds. I think total music sales are up significantly since 1999.

I’m just looking for the proof. Anyone able to help?

i can’t pull numbers out of thin air anymore (that was a year ago), but i will drop one clue from my past. it’s this post about cdbaby. it’s hardly a comprehensive view of non-riaa music volume [heh], but it’s one measure. if someone’s got the time to extrapolate, i have earlier numbers documented here and to add a third data point, today’s numbers are:

88,988 artists sell their CD at CD Baby.
1,443,938 CDs sold online to customers.
$13,867,939.27 paid to artists.

so, mayb that helps. i wish i had more time to dig into this for you….

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