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Thursday, May 26, 2005

the grinch, busted

if you’re wearing a mask in public, make sure it’s a theatrical street production or something.

City, County Attorneys Defend ‘Grinch’ Arrest [wheeling news-register, 2005.05.26]

Norman Eugene Gray, 42, of Proctor was arrested Tuesday morning by Wheeling police officers after he was seen walking in the 1200 block of Main Street wearing a Grinch mask.

The statute, he says, indicates anyone using masks, hoods or other devices to conceal even a portion of the face “could be potentially committing a crime.”

Areas in which they are not permitted include streets, alleys, areas of public trading or sites which are frequented by the general public.

Exceptions to the law include masks worn by those under 16 years of age, traditional Halloween masks, safety gear used in occupations, theatrical productions, civil defense or protection from the elements.

it’ll be interesting to see how far up the food chain this goes.

this also appears to put some muslim women in relatively expensive jeopardy.

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