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Saturday, June 25, 2005

recruiting grandma

in a critical follow-up to this post about the pentagon targetting teenagers with private-industry marketing firms, we have an interesting development from arkansas…

Granny chooses not to be a Seabee [ap via, 2005.06.24]

MAGNOLIA, Ark.— At age 81, Fola Coats might seem a little old to join the Navy. But the great-grandmother recently received a letter inviting her to enlist in the Seabees of the Naval Reserve.

“I laughed when I got (the letter),” she said. “I told (my family), I can’t wait to get my uniform.”

Coats’ husband served in World War II and two of her sons were in Vietnam.

“I guess they figured we were a great military family,” she said.

The letter suggests she should volunteer for the Seabees, supporting Navy construction needs with a specialty rating of builder, construction electrician, construction mechanic, engineering aide, equipment operator, steelworker or utility worker.

Coats said the letter has been good for laughs for her whole family.

“And the worst part of all of this is I don’t even like water,” she said. “I won’t even go swimming. That would be a little difficult when I get on that boat and get way out in the ocean.”

remember, i said something about military precision? there you have it.

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