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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the republican “culture of life” shrinks

for a long time, i’ve responded to the republican party’s so-called “culture of life” with the query or assertion that this culture of life appears to apply only from the period from conception to birth and at any time after brain death. republicans are so interested in stepping up to preserve the lives of the unborn that they’ll have big rallies and wave around signs and pictures. if you’re fortunate enough to be braindead, our president will even cut short his precious vacation to keep you alive.

surely, this is a party that values life (although some iraqis might disagree…).

then again, there’s the intentional testing of chemical weapons… err. i mean, pesticides… on pregnant women.

Congress required that EPA ensure that pesticides are never tested upon pregnant women and children. But the final rule would allow manufacturers to conduct testing of pesticides upon both pregnant women and children so long as there is no “intent” at the outset of the study to submit the results to EPA. Additionally, the plan would allow pesticides to be tested upon pregnant women and children in studies intended for submission at exposure levels up to the current legal limits – even though the National Academy of Sciences found that in some cases this level of exposure could present acute risks to children.

so much for the “culture of life” as it applies to the unborn. i guess you need to pray for brain death.

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