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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

place your bets – 911 iraq parity day

there’s no end in sight, and we’re well above 2000 dead american soliders in iraq, so i figured it was time to start collecting best guesses on the day that the us solider body count in iraq reached 2976, which is 40 in pennsylvania, 184 in virginia and 2752 (the latest ‘official’ body count for new york that i found) in new york.

as i write this, the number of dead bodies brought back from iraq is 2283. i’m using the “confirmed by the department of defense” number, because i like to be all official-ish in matters of this type. one must maintain standards, after all.

the current gap is 693, and the question i have for you out there is: on what date do you think that difference will reach zero? drop your best guesses in the comments.

posted by roj at 9:41 am