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Thursday, June 15, 2006

2500 and counting, 252 bodies to 911 iraq parity day

back in february, i introduced the concept of 911 iraq parity day, because while there is no connection between 911 and iraq, i guess we needed one. so, with the news that the american death toll in iraq has reached “a number” [according to white house press secretary tony snow], that number is now just 252 short of the number of americans killed on 911.

at the moment, the bigger number is between 38355 and 42747, but we don’t do body counts (we do do damage assessment).

so, i encourage you to drop in on the original post and get your bets in the comments. after all, at this rate (60-80/month), we’re just a few months away from 911 Iraq Parity Day.

posted by roj at 9:42 pm