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Saturday, September 2, 2006

update: 911 iraq parity day

i was curious, so a quick update on 911 iraq parity day.

9/11 casualties: 2976
iraq casualties: 2642

just 334 to go! with an average run rate of 2.04 ( 491 / 243 ) american deaths/day so far in 2006, that puts 911 iraq parity day just 163 days from now, which is…. 2/12/2007. did you place your bets yet?

someone’s still counting dead iraqis too… 41041, or approaching 14 dead iraqis for each dead american on 9/11. not that there’s any connection

for yet another perspective on body counts, let’s look at percentages: 41041 / 26,783,383 = .153% of their population. .153% of our population (298,444,215) is 456.619 dead americans. that is pretty close to the annual death toll from tobacco in america (442,398 according to the CDC), or the entire population of the des moines, iowa or chattanooga, tennessee metro area (take your pick).

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