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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

ending the shredding of the constitution

first, the non-partisan plea:

i encourage everyone to volunteer to get out the vote, regardless of your party affiliation. there will be lawsuits in this election – the combination of close races and un-auditable voting technology makes that pretty much inevitable. it’s important that everyone that can participate does participate, preferably on paper. ask your friends and neighbors if they need help voting. help anyone that needs one get an absentee ballot. offer your car to get those disabled veterans and little old ladies (and everyone else) where they need to be to vote. seriously.

and now, the partisan message:

there are less than two weeks to go until the mid-term election, and it seems that the best way to end the shredding of the constitution is to send a bold message to the current regime that their disregard for fundamental american values will not be tolerated any longer. these are not the republicans i know – the republicans of small government, fiscal responsibility, and personal responsibility. these republicans have expanded government more than any other time in history, placed the bill on your childrens’ credit cards, sacrificed every american ideal and value in the name of phantom security, and passed the buck to anyone but themselves in every manner possible. these are not republicans – at best, they are autocrats. at worst, theocrats (but that’s a strech, since they have given nothing but lip-services to their religious “base”).

that message comes down to three states: missouri, tennessee and virginia.

so, if you have a few spare dollars laying around (and you are eligible to contribute to an american senate campaign), i encourage you to make a contribution to the challenger in each respective senate race, claire mccaskill (missouri), harold ford (tennessee), and jim webb (virginia).

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