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Sunday, April 18, 2004

richest counties in america

cruising for some rich friends?

#1 teton county, wyoming (average adjusted household gross income $107, 694 in 2002)
#2 fairfield county, connecticut
#3 marin county, california
#4 sommerset county, new jersey
#5 morris county, new jersey
#6 clear creek county, colorado
#7 douglas county, colorado
#8 hunterdon county, new jersey
#9 westchester county, new york
#10 new york, new york

update: since people either aren’t reading this in the comment, or just enjoy comparing the size of their income, this list is based on “average adjusted household gross income” as reported by the irs. you can find a newswire version of the story here. for now, fairfax is just going to have to learn to deal with their inadequacy issues.

update (2004.05.08): maybe these will help

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