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Saturday, January 8, 2005

housekeeping and updates

pretty quiet around here, but some news under the hood….

i’ve recent upgraded the engine under this beast, now “mt-pi.” in the process, of course, things broke. it took some time to track down a conflict with templates that seemed to be a problem with directories and configurations, but that’s sorted out now. left on the table so far is a problem with the stylesheet. right now things look functional, but broken. i’ll get into that someday.

i’m also in the process of cleaning out old, irrelevant drafts i’ve left “to blog” that no longer make sense to keep around (lots of presidential politics stuff that’s well… pointless). i’ll also be re-categorizing things a bit to make the archives more tolerable.

hot topics coming up for 2005 will definitely incldue a revival of the music business material – i’ve got some good friends and genuinely good people that are dangerously close to the beast right now, so their adventures will be near the top of my attention pile, and, as a result, somewhere near the blog.

i’ll also take some time someday soon to do a wrapup of what happened in 2004 with regard to my dark corner of the net. 2004 marked a pretty steep drop off in content here – a major shift from big, in-depth, personally-focused pieces (like that big three part adventure on the future of the cd and the music business toward one-liners and a whole pile of obituaries. thanks to the obits, the raw number of posts here has been pretty consistent, but the substance is lacking. there are many reasons for all this – economic, personal and artistic – but it is what it is.

so, back under the hood for me, and hopefully i’ll see you again soon.

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