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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

do you think i’m sexy?

one of those strange googlejuice moments…. i figured it was a quirk of some sort, and that it would eventually fade away, but perhaps not.

at the moment, if you ask google’s image search what is “sexy,” then down in the bottom row (hit #19) is a picture of a typhoon and a link to this blog.

it’s this post, which was a reference to this earlier post, both of which were about really big, dramatic storms. oddly enough, the google image search spider seems to have avoided updating the page in quite some time. i reorganized the archives a bit back in january, and these two storm posts moved from the science category to a new weather category. for the benefit of the hundreds of visitors i’m getting from google, i’ve done some tweaks so these inbounds end up at least in the right category. hopefully google will catch up soon (it’s been a couple months…). i imagine when it does, this freaky sexy phenomenon will fade out… but then again, the force is strong with this domain.

update (2005.03.16): curiosity about this drove me to investigate. we’ve had 7431 visitors from various google image search engines around the world looking for this image between january 16 and march 13, 2005. that’s a lot of sexy.

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