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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

more sadness from the internet

i’ve been away from the blogging for a while, but i wanted to share a few things that have evolved recently here at meta-roj….

first, and most notable, is the walmart application situation. i’ve discussed this evolving story here before, but now that we’re even getting attention in french, i figured it was worth mentioning again. i’m still not sure exactly how i want to proceed with this one… maybe a book deal… maybe i’ll contact a few applicants and do some phone interviews. i dunno. it’s just… well… sad, i guess is the best description.

and while we’re on the subject of sad…. there’s more, and it’s here. you see, once upon a time, i wrote a little post here about the richest counties in america. this was (as you might notice from the comments and addendum to the post) based on based on “average adjusted household gross income” as reported by the irs. where things get sad is that over 11,000 hits have come to that post so far this year. and once they’re there, some of my visitors are compelled to get into a pissing match with each other about who’s got the richest neighbors and the best cars. anyway, since there are now more than 60 comments attached to that post, and since most of them are really pitiful attempts at superiority, i figured it was worth mentioning.

and finally, we have the dead american soldiers. here, things actually started relatively reasonably… a few well-wishers dropped in to share their thoughts, and then things got weird. 20+ comments later, we’re looking for penpals (and, in some cases, it sounds like dates).

to put these posts in context, i will add that the richest-counties post accounts for just under 3.5% of traffic from this site. the walmart post, being a bit larger with the number of comments now attached, consumes just over 4% of traffic. the dead soliders is still less than 1000 direct hits, and just a tiny fraction of a percent of traffic, but it’s got legs. i see greatness in its future.

anyway, these three examples of sadness at the meta-roj blog brought to you by determinism.

have a nice day, and may your reading comprehension exceed the average.

posted by roj at 11:52 pm