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Sunday, December 24, 2006

the story of the first angel tree topper

pull up a cushion, and gather ’round with your cups of delightful hot chocolate, for i have a christmas story to share…

once upon a time, years and years ago, santa was having a very, very bad time preparing for his christmas run.
the worker elves were on strike, the reindeer had the runs and were leaving messes on everything, mrs. claus was pmsing (a week early, no less), toy production was backed up weeks behind schedule, rudolph had a really bad cold and his nose didn’t work – and on, and on, and on.

in short, just about everything that could go wrong pretty much was going wrong.

up in heaven, the angels looked down at the north pole and saw that santa was having a really, really bad time. fearing that christmas might get cancelled, they got together and tried to think of something they could do to fix things. a committee was formed which recommended the creation of a task force, which authorized a report, which mandated a delegation, which formed a council which appointed the littlest angel to go down to earth and visit the north pole to cheer santa up.

on the way to the north pole, the littlest angel came upon a perfect little fir tree, and the littlest angel thought that would be the perfect gift to cheer santa up. so the littlest angel cut down the tree and went on to santas house. when the littlest angel got to santa’s house, she gently knocked on the door.

but there was no answer.

santa, of course, was in the bathroom doing some bathroom business and didn’t hear the littlest angel knocking.

so the littlest angel knocked again, a little harder.

this time, santa heard the knocking, but ignored it.

so the littlest angel knocked again, a little harder.

santa finally realized that they weren’t just going to go away, so he pulled up his pants and came storming down the stairs, threw open the door, and shouted “what do you want!?”

the littlest angel, completely unphased, said “hello, santa. i came from heaven and we noticed you were having a bad year, so i brought you this christmas tree to cheer you up. where would you like it?”

and that is how the tradition of the angel tree-topper was started.

enjoy your hot chocolate.

[this story has been told, and retold, but no idea where it originally came from… bless the first comic]

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