Nimeera was acknowledged in Basic Production for Belly Dance as someone to whom I was (and still am) grateful, which I have since learned is not appropriate. For that I apologize and make the following request:

If you have a copy of Basic Production for Belly Dance which includes any reference to Nimeera and/or (you will find these on the Acknowledgements page under “Thanks, “) please eradicate them to the best of your ability. I suggest a black permanent magic marker over the offending line.

To be absolutely clear: No recognition, thanks or gratitude expressed in print, online or in any other medium, at any time, by the author toward Nimeera and/or Cleopatra’s Closet ( ) should be interpreted as an endorsement of any kind by Nimeera or Cleopatra’s Closet regarding Basic Production for Belly Dance.

Thanks are just that – thanks.

I do not understand, nor do I support the concept that gratitude requires authorization or consent, but that is apparently the case this time. In my opinion, people are not thanked enough for the things that they do, and as stated in the “Wrapping It Up” chapter, I think that recognition is important. If you have any questions about this message or the ethical protocol under which it is made, please direct your questions to Nimeera.

(updated 2006.10.19).