I recently asked for comments from early purchasers of Basic Production for Belly Dance… here’s one:

Unless you are already a production pro, including lighting, and sound systems, with an organized, experienced staff to assist you in handling the myriad details…YOU NEED THIS BOOK! This “shorthand” version of several technical manuals, condensed into an easy to understand format, contains an abundance of information designed to help you with all the steps; choosing the date and venue, lighting and sound systems, performer options, target audiences, pricing for profit, and more. “A chain is only as strong as the weakest link”…This book addresses all the links that make up the PRODUCTION chain.

Performers deserve to look their best. From solo performances at weddings, offices, or private homes, to student recitals and beyond, the advice in this book can help you attain a higher standard of professionalism for your production.

Karima Aliz