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Basic Production for Belly Dance is a 144-page introduction and guide to basic production with emphasis on belly dance and belly dancers. I’ve gone to some lengths (I won’t say great lengths, greatness is reserved to the judgement of my audience) to make the book approachable, accessible and educational. I hope it blends my life’s experience with production work of various sorts with the last several years of belly dance-show observation in a constructive and useful way. I hope I met my own goal – to create an guide to basic production – something to get people started producing good shows with the dance and dancers they love, even if they have no production background at all. I also hope I’ve managed to avoid writing a text book. Finally, I hope you’ll forgive my sense of humor buried in some of the pages.

It seems like a really long couple months to execute this project, but in reality, time (in classic “show time” form) has flown. Thanks to everyone that has assisted, read, commented, encouraged or otherwise helped bring this project to completion.

I hope that this is a good start on a path to elevating and advancing belly dance production across the [english-speaking] world (i only wish there were enough demand to offer the book in translation 🙂 ). In the near future, i’ll have a workbook companion available (step, the second).

So, thanks again… and best wishes for your production efforts!