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Friday, October 29, 2004

monthly archives condensed

to help save some space, and reduce the huge page loads here, i’ve condensed the monthly archives by providing only titles and general information on each post here. full posts are now limited to the category and individual archives, presumably where they are most useful.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

button updated

just in case anyone still has trouble reading, the comment-posting button has been revised from “I agree to the terms above” to “I agree to all of the posting terms for this site”

reading is still the visitor’s burden. if you don’t feel like reading the terms or you think your ad campaign is somehow an exception to the “no spam” rule here at the meta-roj blog, just remember, you may be tracked down and your efforts displayed in public.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

calling mt plugin developers

if you’re a geek and feel like hacking an mt plugin… ask me about the mt microcosmos thought.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

electoral vote status on the right

i’ve added a button on the right column to provide more realistic election-status information than seems to be available from the major media and their nation-wide polls. yes, it’s a statistical tie when you ask everyone, but some votes count more than others, and the electoral college votes are the only ones that count at all.

this handy button, provided by gives a different perspective. hopefully one that is a little closer to what matters in this election year.

update: if that’s not what you came looking for… maybe these will help.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

comment preview fixed

just fixed the big that tripped up asheesh with his comments. everyone should be better now. sorry for the obscure bug and lack of decent error message.

thanks to asheesh for bringing this up… i’d never have found it without a report.

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Monday, August 9, 2004

Commercial Applications License Terms v2.1

You are a guest on this server. I fund the operation and maintenance of this website, weblog and domain. I welcome, without obligation, comments and thoughts that are intelligible, relevant, and written by humans in response to posts or existing comments on this site.

On the other hand material posted here that is not relevant to the referenced post or existing comments, incoherent, automated, contains false contact information (email address and/or link) that is copied to several other servers and that includes links or other references to websites that offer products or services for sale are subject to this contract:

By pressing the “Post” button on any comment form on this site or by invoking any mechanism that causes a comment or trackback to appear on this server, you accept this contract with these binding terms:

1. Your commercial material will be reviewed for a $150 reading fee per comment or trackback.
2. You agree to be subject to the laws of Maryland, United States of America for the purpose of enforcing this contract.
3. You agree to pay any and all costs, including, but not limited to, court and attorney fees, incurred in enforcing this contract.
4. You agree to pay your obligation under this contract within 15 days by forwarding a check, payable in US funds to:
Roger Wood Reading Fees
PO Box 5534
Laurel MD, 20726 USA
5. You agree to accept all costs associated with closing your obligation under this contract, including any researchers, investigators and collections agents hired by me.
6. You agree that the operator of the source computer and any commercial enterprises mentioned in or linked from the posted material will be held jointly responsible for all obligations of this contract.
7. You agree to waive any rights or expectations of privacy regarding the source computer, its operator(s) and any persons or commercial entities mentioned in or linked from the posted material, including correspondence in any medium.
8. Acceptance of this contract and payment of obligations under this contract does not, in any way, guarantee that your material will be visible to the public. All material on this blog is present at my sole discretion.

Creative Commons License
This license is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

(If you have suggestions for improving this license, please let me know. If you wish to comment on this license, you may do so here)

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

1000+ visitors for alex

the machines tell me there are now more than 1000 direct-hits on the story of alex scott. i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who dropped in…

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

1000 posts

on july 30, 2003, the meta-roj blog went live. just a little short of one year later, this is the 1000th published post.

thanks to everyone that has dropped in along the way…

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

more categories here

in a fit of frustration during a few idle moments between calls today, i decided to splt up some of the categories here that were getting a little unruly. i’m not sure i caught everything, but hopefully it’ll all make sense. so, we’ve added presidential politics, personal politics and international politics, attention technology, blogging, culture, economics, elections, food, music, music business news (which will be link-dropping, as opposed to commentary, i think) and photo. that should make some of the fatter archives more tolerable, particularly for the less-bandwidth-gifted among us.

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

draft bruce gets a button

i’ve added a button for draft bruce over there on the right… and in good company, i think.

why, you might ask?

well, when i noticed that bruce was commenting on gore’s speech, i blogged it. and when someone stepped up and did something about it, i blogged it. and when the effort made the news wires, i blogged it. so with all those seconds of accumulated interest focused on bruce and draft bruce, i thought it was worth a more-permanent home.

it’s about doing something – and andrew has done something. i’m just here to help.

someone remind me to take it down after the concert 🙂

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