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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

gun safety?

i’m going to spin this inappropriately to suggest there is some potential for recruiting our children to make up the shortfall in the armed forces and avoid a draft.

Pre-K Student Brings Handgun to School [ap via abc news, 2005.05.18]

A pre-kindergarten student brought a handgun to school, where it was seized by a fifth-grader and turned over to the principal, school district officials said Tuesday.

The 5-year-old reportedly displayed the loaded weapon outside the Blanton Elementary School cafeteria where students were gathered before class. The fifth-grader recognized it was real and took it to the principal.

pre-kindergarden? amazing.

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Thursday, February 3, 2005

stupid humans

rather than write this up myself, i dropped it into someone else’s brain, and watched while a blog post came out. so, in this case, i guess i’m proxy-blogging through my favorite welsh-promoting briton.

Remove brain before opening wallet

update: i was dreaming when i wrote this. i fixed the language.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

frat house burns

Three Dead in Miss. Fraternity House Fire [ap via abc news, august 27, 2004]

A fire swept through a fraternity house at the University of Mississippi early Friday, killing three students during the first week of classes, school officials said.

Twenty other students and a house mother escaped the two-story, brick- and wood-frame Alpha Tau Omega house, school spokesman Mitchell Diggs said. There were no reports of injuries. The cause was not immediately known.

i saw this movie already. the cause, of course, was “fireball” too close to the curtains. the frat brothers will be relocate into the freshman dorm, the freshmen will be relocated to the gym, and the nerd gets the girl.

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Friday, May 7, 2004

an important lesson about bombs

“The one thing they know, you can’t just leave bombs lying around,” [Maryland Transportation Authority spokesman Bryon N.] Johnston said.

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Monday, September 1, 2003

silly football players

steelerwatch, a bastion of journalism is reporting that some big guy got shot in the ass.

“The bullet entered his left buttock and is lodged in his right thigh.”

natch. correction. shot THROUGH the ass.

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