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Sunday, May 23, 2004

us demands immunity

in my america, we do the right thing so we don’t need immunity.

not do the wrong thing and then demand immunity because you can trust us.

The US is seeking to renew the immunity from prosecution enjoyed by American peacekeepers, with a resolution before the UN Security Council

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Friday, May 21, 2004

the opposition platform part 2

[apparently this is too much, the system choked. see part 1 for the beginning of the platform]

It has bred fear and hesitation in commerce and industry, thus discouraging new enterprises, preventing employment and prolonging the recession.

It has coerced and intimidated voters by withholding relief to those opposing its tyrannical policies.

It has destroyed the morale of our people and made them dependent upon government.

Appeals to passion and class prejudice have replaced reason and tolerance.

To a free people, these actions are insufferable. This campaign cannot be waged on the traditional differences between the Republican and Democratic parties. The responsibility of this election transcends all previous political divisions. We invite all Americans, irrespective of party, to join us in defense of American institutions.

ok, now for the fun part. where did this come from? kerry campaign? nader campaign? c’mon. give it your best shot.

i wasn’t using my civil rights anyway

“There’s a sense that the people in America aren’t getting the truth”

(see below for the amazing answer)

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Friday, May 21, 2004

the opposition platform

some words below have been changed to make this more interesting. the original, unedited text is below the cut in part 2. links are, of course, mine, picked at random from the vast expanse of the world wide web. i tried to find fairly reliable sources, but not always. i took extensive liberties with the links; you’ll just have to embrace my sense of humor in some places.

America is in peril. The welfare of American men and women and the future of our youth are at stake. We dedicate ourselves to the preservation of their political liberty, their individual opportunity and their character as free citizens, which today for the first time are threatened by Government itself.

For three long years the Bush Administration has dishonored American traditions and flagrantly betrayed the pledges upon which the Republican Party sought and received public support.

The powers of Congress have been usurped by the President.

The integrity and authority of the Supreme Court have been flouted.

The rights and liberties of American citizens have been violated.

Regulated monopoly has displaced free enterprise.

The Administration constantly seeks to usurp the rights reserved to the States and to the people.

It has insisted on the passage of laws contrary to the Constitution.

It has intimidated witnesses and interfered with the right of petition.

It has dishonored our country by repudiating its most sacred obligations.

It has been guilty of frightful waste and extravagance, using public funds for partisan political purposes.

It has promoted investigations to harass and intimidate American citizens, at the same time denying investigations into its own improper expenditures.

It has created a vast multitude of new contracts, filled them with its favorites, set up a centralized bureaucracy, and sent out swarms of inspectors to harass our people.

[apparently this is too much, the system choked. see part 2 for the rest of the platform]

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Friday, May 21, 2004

telesma ben hur

worth a quick nod-of-the-blog… i saw the 1925 version of ben hur screened with the live accompanyment of a 10 (i think 10?)-piece band, telesma.

an amazing 2+ hours of non-stop soundtrack produced live. excellent stuff.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

file sharing killed the dead

i suppose i should get back to my business-of-music rants a little more, now that some things in this world have resolved…. and to kick that off, i’d like to pick up on one of those painful success stories that doesn’t get enough attention. after all, here at the meta-roj blog, we’re very often about sharing things that don’t get enough attention.

the dead will be appearing in virginia in a couple months – and if this is any indication, ticket sales are not too shabby. front-row center stage tickets to this show are $600, and everything listed on the page is $100 or more.

but how can this be? the internet archive has a pretty sizable chunk of the whole dead history available for free (1300+ shows), so who would spend $600 for a seat?

file sharing in the extreme, that. you don’t even have to worry about the riaa knocking down your door.

apparently, neither death nor giving it away can kill the dead. i guess that makes the title of this post a bit ironic.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

feeling a little pain at the gas pump?

it might be time to take a trip down memory lane.

there’s just too much room for conspiracy theorists on this one…

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

prisoner 200144, saddam saleh “i am not a savage”

one of the former prisoners in abu ghraib, and one of those “featured” in the photos that escaped into the public eye, saddam saleh was recently interviewed [windows or real media only] for npr.

saddam saleh will try to attend the court martial of united states army specialist jeremy sivits and the others that are brought to answer for their roles in this disaster.

… i just can’t imagine myself responsible for a family. i lost my honor, my dignity. i lost everything.


maybe the man who tortured me is a father… and the woman who tortured me… a mother. so i don’t want to see them hanged or harmed. i am not a savage.

maybe it takes an iraqi truck driver and draft dodger to show us americans our own american values. thank you, saddam saleh.

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Monday, May 17, 2004

John Runnings


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Monday, May 17, 2004

haaser-pecore 51 years ago: catherine peters wagner

in my area, we had a scandal about a lesbian kiss; and as that news buzzed around the planet, the threat of being left out of the national honor society came up.

such thing are nothing new in the progress of society, and for whatever reason, the ap wire has picked up on a 51-year old situation that bears some similarities. i introduce you to catherine peters wagner…

Wagner said she was reprimanded after being caught giving a quick kiss to a boyfriend as they passed in a school stairwell during their senior year. She suspects that is why her name was left off a list of new honor society members posted a short time later.

this honor society potentiate went on to marry the guy she kissed, and they’re still together after 48 years. i don’t think we can expect the same thing from stephanie and katherine, but maybe if they run off to massachusetts

congratulations, catherine peters wagner. sorry it took so long.

[more from the cleveland plain dealer and even carried on the other side of the planet in the pakistan daily times]

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Monday, May 17, 2004

50 years of brown

with 50 years of court-ordered and unpopular integration efforts in the united states, the result of the brown v. board of education of topeka kansas, we’ve still got a long, long way to go.

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